Charity begins at home, but should not end there...

  • Introduction
    Of course, everyone asks: What is this? Why are you doing it? (and more...)

    What is this? A (growing) site that brings to our collective attention those *local* charities...Annapolis-based. We hope to have a name, logo, short description, and website address for every organization that wants to be listed.

    Why? This is a result of my personal desire to donate a larger percentage of my income to Charity. I know from experience that LOCAL organizations tend to be considerably more effective - we know the people we are serving!

    Sponsored by: Rev. Tracey Moe, an Interfaith Ordained Minister. (Learn more about her at:
    Sponsored by: her husband, Curt Hess, a retired Navy CAPT (Mustang...started at E1), who is an Annapolis Keller Williams Real Estate Consultant. (Learn more about him at His area of specialization is Annapolis 21403 Residential - Homes for Sale.

    Special Offer: If you are reading this and have a favorite local charity, contact Curt to learn how you can obtain significant donations from his real estate business.